What you should know about it that will have you scheduling to have it removed

We are all familiar with the spray on ceiling that peaked in popularity in the 1980’s. Many residential and commercial rental communities opted for this type of ceiling for various reasons.

First, it is a quick cost-effective solution that camouflages any defects or flaws on the ceiling.
Second, it is usually referred to as acoustic ceiling instead of popcorn ceiling because of it’s ability to reduce noise. Many multi-family homes chose this route particularly for this reason.


While all of this is concerning and much more of a hassle and annoyance, the real problem lies on when the popcorn ceiling was actually applied in your home. Although it has been many years from 1977, there may still be some ceilings that still exist with this material on them. Here is the major concern. These will have a deadly material called Asbestos. This material has been banned and if you suspect that you have it in your home, you need be aware that this material must be handled by a certified and trained painting professional that knows how to dispose of the it properly.

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