Let’s talk a bit about Color Theory. We all learned our primary colors at a young age back in art class when we went to school. But what about the secondary colors, tertiary colors, and monochromatic colors? Now, how would all of this help is selecting paint colors when there are over 3,500 of them? At times over 200 gray tones, etc. Do you know what they mean at the paint store when they say “shade” versus “tint. How about “eggshell” finish versus “flat” versus “satin” or do you just pick eggshell because you know that is the most popular? How about the meaning of colors and how they affect our moods? Why is it important to know all of these?

Allow me to shed some light on all of this and more for you. Let’s take a look at a color wheel below. You have your primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. This is where you can start to either create a room with colors that will match, contrast, or be monochromatic which means same color but different shades of that color. You don’t need to know what colors to mix to get your perfect shade because we have our paint pros to do that for us. However, in order for you to select the right colors to match or make your furniture or décor stand out in your home, these things are important to know.

Color Wheel
Color Wheel Sample
Next chart you will see a variety of ways that you can match, clash, contrast, double contrast, and have lots of fun with your colors. This will come in handy when you are trying to pick out colors and take a look at the room and what you have in it for décor.
Color-Theory 10 Commandments
Now, what about how color effects us? How does it change the feel of a room? Have you ever wondered why there isn’t blue food? Or why most spas have a very soft mint green color on walls and for their décor? Color has to do with everything! Look at the charts below. You will find it very interesting.
Feeling in room color
Color meanings
*By the way, the color blue is an appetite suppressant. So if you are trying to lose weight, try putting your food on blue plates. Amazing how color has an affect on all of us in every way.

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